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University of British Columbia
Land & Food Systems
LFS 252
Erin Friesen

Cha 8 Hypothesis Testing for Population Proportions H0 Null hypothesis always assumed to be true unless Reject it Ha Alternative HypothesisHypothesis testing is always for the population parameter never statistic Significant levelL the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when in face the null hypothesis is true 005 typical value Test statistic zscoreused to compare our observed outcome collected from our sample to the null hypothesis we have set for our populationIf the null hypothesis is true then the test statistic should be close to 0 Therefore the farther the test statistic is from 0 the more the null hypothesis is discredited Pvalue a probability that if the experiment were repeated what is the probability we would see this result again how surprising the sample data is if the null hypothesis is trueSmall p value less than 005 the result that were obtained would be very surprisingLarge pvalue greater than 005the results that were obtained would not be very surprisingIf pvaluereject H0 state the conclusion
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