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Bacteriology Lec 2

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Bacteriology Lec 2 • Microbe identification by rRNA sequencing w/ PCR of 16S rRNA • Most bacteria can’t be cultivated in lab (Eg. Soil bacteria) • Why use rRNA? o Essential gene in all bacteria o Contains segments that evolve at different rates o Can’t be transferred laterally between different bacteria o Simple and cheap • Metagenomics=sequencing entire genome o Extract total community DNA, PCR 16s rRNA genessequence and generate phylogenetic tree • From sequencing rRNA, shown that all life forms into 3 groups: archaea, eucaryota, bacteria o But we are only familiar with and can grow <1% of bacteria on earth • Bacterial disease examples o Blindness, atherosclerosis, PUD, infections, gonorrhea, meningitis, pneumonia, TB, etc. • **In all infectious diseases: o Encounter: pathogen meets host o Entry: agent enters host o Spread: agent spreads from site of entry o Multiplication: agent multiplies in host o Damage: agent or host response can cause tissue damage o Outcome: one wins. Or they coexist • Host susceptibility is variable, depending on o Health, immune system sensitivity and response o Stress o Diet o Age o Host genetics and
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