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Lecture 10

MICB 202 Lecture 10 Notes

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MICB 202 LEC 10 • Cytokine release during infection can lead to recruitment and activation of more immune cells—this usually produces symptoms eg. Nausea, headache, muscle ache, fever • SEPSIS o When bacteria grows in BV and systemic inflammation response occursseptic shocklow BP, organ failure • Sometimes immune system mounts response against non-harmful substance o Allergies o Tuberculin o Transplant rejections o Autoimmune disease o Results from HYPERSENSITIVY=unreasonable and exaggerated immune response to something that’s not dangerous • Immediate hypersensitivity: (involve TH, dendritic, macrophage, B, mast) o Mediated by IgE that are bound to Fc receptors on mast cells(remember, Fc is region of Ab on bottom) o Person has already had 1° response to Ag (class switched to IgE, secreted inblood but high affinity for mast cells in tissues) o IgE cross-linked (2 IgE bind to same Ag) after binding Ag, stimulates cell to release histamineallergic symtpoms whithin mins  Sneeze, cough due to excess mucus secretion, hives, rash, diarrhea, vomiting o Allergies can be localized(if allergen trapped at mucus surfaces) or if travels systemically (peanuts, bee venom, penicillin)anaphylactic shock  BV dilate, and airways constrict to compensate for low blood flow • Why do we have allergies? o Hygiene theory: we are too clean and exposed to too few pathogens, immune system starts becoming hypersensitive and TH cells innapropriately tell B cells to class switch to IgE o Alternative theory that gut flora has something to do with it • Treatment for allergies o Localized: anti-histamines to block histamine receptors on smooth muscle,
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