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Lecture 11

MICB 202 Lecture 11 Notes

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MICB 202

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Mibc 202: Immune Diseases Lecture 11 • Autoimmune hemolytic anemia: o RBCs killed off before 120day lifespan o By Ab against RBCs, and then complements lyse themANEMIA o Reason? Eg. Pneumonia antigens cause a certain Ab to be made. This Ab can also bind RBCs.  But when infection goes away, so does this condition • Myasthenia gravis o Ab bind Ach receptors on muscle cells. o Prevent nerve impulses from reaching musclesweakness, fatigue, cant control muscles • Type I diabetes (caused by T cells) o Self reactive TH against antigen on pancreatic islets o Induce inflammatory response (like TB test)  Activated macrophages destroy tissue • MS (caused by T cells) o CNS do not induce T cells via negative selection (CNS protected) o If injury, T cells infiltrate, or CNS antigens present to lymphocytes o Activate T cells that home in to CNS and cause inflammation o Other cells involved: microglial, macrophages, B cells producing Ab to myelin, recruit more T cells, macrophages, dendritics) • Treating autoimmunity o Non-specific immune suppression with steroids o Remove spleen :0 • Inherited immunodeficiency diseases o SCID=severe combined immunodeficiency o Enzymes that rearrange gene segments that make Ig and TCR=defectivecan only get as far as B precursors and T mature B, T so no adaptive immunity, o Get a bone marrow transplant o Problems with specific Igs  If cannot make IgG=bacterial infections  No IgA=bacterial + viral  No complements • Bacterial • Activated by IgM, IgG • AIDS o Infect macrophage, then TH o + test=have ab against HIV  No use though, since virus in cell o Also infect dendritics—express CD4 o Cell is permanently affected, HIV activates when cell activates  Form new viruses, spread to TH, infected TH die and fuse together o Clinical diagnosis=T cell count <20% normal. Less than 200/ul blood o w/o TH, can’t activate macrophage, CTL,
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