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PHIL 100

David Hume - Human mentality (he’s concern of) - Newton (he has in mind) o 1. Providing explanations (of phenomena) rather than mere descriptions o 2. Experimental method (what you say is answerable to our experiences) - Hume begins by setting up a mental geography (Hume’s mental geography): o Perception (any manifestation of episodic mentality) o Perception: impression + ideas o Impressions: feeling of pain, etc; later you reflect on it...that’s an idea o Hume: ideas: Simple Copies of impression of idea or complex copies of impression o All ideas descant from impression (architecture of mind) - Principles of association of ideas o He observes one ideas always tend to follow another idea o 3 principles (association of idea, mental geography) - Resemblance (how the mind works (not about justification)) - Continuity (clown….tiger tamer) - Cause and effect (clown…child crying) - Proposition (2+2=4, sun rises tmr, etc) proposition matters of facts;  relation of ideas - True proposition but relation of idea - Hume makes distinction between(2 propositions) matters of facts (empirical)and relation of ideas (not empirical) - Matters of fact (judging the temperature, what you are wearing….e.g. loaf of bread) - Relation of ideas (bachelor, unmarried) - The way we find out whether loaf of bread is nourishing we have to go through experience; science is concern of matter of facts (primarily)) - Within matters of facts he draws another two distinction: observe and unobserved - Observe: future (the class will end in X minutes); those pr
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