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Cosmological Arguments P1

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PHIL 101
Christopher Stephens

Philosophy of Religion Does God exist? (1) Cosmological Arguments (2) Teleological Arguments (Design) (3) Ontological Arguments (Metaphysics) 1. Cosmological Arguments: are often referred to as ‘first-cause arguments’ Aquinas’Argument of Motion: P1: Some things in the world are in motion. P2: Everything in motion is put in motion by something else. P3: Causes (what he calls “potentiality”) must precede their effects (“actuality”). P4: There are no infinite cause-effect chains. (The chain must stop somewhere, otherwise there would be no first cause of motion, and hence, no subsequent causes) C1: Hence, there is a first cause of this change. C2: Hence, God exists. Aquinas’Argument of Causation: P1: In the natural world, events occur. P2: In the natural world, every event has a cause, and no event causes itself. P3: In the natural world, causes must precede their effects. P4: In the natural world, there are no infinite cause-effect chains C1: Hence, there is an entity that exists outside of nature (a supernatural being) that causes the first event that occurs in the natural world. C2: Hence, God exists.
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