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PHIL 101
Christopher Stephens

Philosophy 101 NotesPhilosophysystematic examination of the rational grounds for our beliefs epistemologythe theory of knowledge with regard to its methods validityscopeskepticismtheory that certain knowledge is impossibledeterminismtheory that all events including human action are ultimately determined by causes external to the willmetaphysicsphilosophical branch regarding abstract conceptsWhat is truth KnowledgeTrue BeliefsTrue or Falsewe should prefer simple hypotheses over unnecessarily complex ones all else being equalthis is known as Occams RazorCorrespondence Theory of Trutha sentence is true if and only if the world universe is as the sentence describes it being2 Important Consequences of CTT1a proposition is either true or false and it is not necessary that anyone know its truth or falsehood nor is it necessary that it be possible for anyone to know its truth except when claims are about beliefs of knowledge I know that a dinosaur stood here 100 million years ago2a proposition is true or false independently of the beliefs of the peop
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