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Lecture 3

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University of British Columbia
PHIL 101
Christopher Stephens

Philosophy 101 NotesThe Argument from DesignWilliam Paleyreaction to Humes DialoguesPaleys watch analogy O a watch with complex and intricate parts is found on a heath beachH1 Randomness HypothesisH2 Design Hypothesis H2 is favored over H1 according to the Likelihood Principle O2 Organisms have even more complexintricate parts than watches H1 Random Hypothesis H2 Design HypothesisH2 is favored yet again so we can assume that humans have been created by a master designer God If I stumbled on a stone and asked how it came to be there it would be difcult to show that the answer it has lain there forever is absurd Yet this is not true if the stone were to be a watchHe argues just as the function and complexity of a watch implies a watchmaker so likewise the function and complexity of the universe implies the existence of a universemakerObjectionshis responsesobjection we never knew the artist capable of making a watchuniverseresponse just because we dont know who the artist might be doesnt mean that there isnt oneobjection the parts of the watchuniverse do not work perfectlyresponse its not necessary to show that something is perfect to show that there is a design presentobjection some parts of the watchuniverse seem to have no function and so would seemingly not be designedresponse just because we dont know their function doesnt mean they have no functionhis thoughts because a watch has an obvious complexity indicating purpose and function in turn implies an intelligent creator Paleys argument seems abductiveP1 watches have intricate parts and are well suited to the task of measuring timeC1 hence the watch was created by intelligent design P2 Separate Creationist DesignGod creates all of the species Theistic Evolutionbelieves evolutionreligious ideas of creationism do not have to contradict each other God created natural laws long ago and we evolved by natural selectionPhilosophy of Religionarguments for the existence of God are often divided into 3 kinds
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