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University of British Columbia
PHIL 102
Dominic Mc Iver Lopes

Writing assignment due on Friday is focusing on number 5 1. What’s the problem to be solved? 2. What’s its significance? 3. Whats the thesis? 4. What do we need to know to understand the thesis? 5. What’s the argument for the thesis? 6. What remains to be done? Singer has a modus tollens argument. Mention his arguments against his thesis as well -if p is true, then q is true -q is not true -then p is not true -his conclusion: you should do everything in your power to address famine up to the point that you’re not giving up anything of moral comparable value ▯ -eg. if you spend an extra 5$ on good beer, you’ll have a better taste for one ▯ night, but that can’t compare to the moral value of giving 5$ to someone starving argument: 1. S is bad 2. if it’s in our power to prevent a bad thing from happening without a sacrifice of anything of comparable moral value, we ought to do it 3. we ought to do what’s in our power to end S -eg. if you see a child drowning and you can go in knee-deep to save them, you should do it. It doesn’t matter if you’ll ruin a new suit (not comparable moral value) -he generalizes from this -he’s not saying that you have a moral obligation to do good, you just have an obligation to not do bad -thesis is that his argument generali
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