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PHIL 102
Dominic Mc Iver Lopes

rubrik for note taking will be up on connect today double entry note-taking: ▯ -on the left column, write your normal notes ▯ -on the right column, write your uncensored reactions ▯ -up to 5 bonus marks final exam: questions based on classes and readings -will be long essay-style questions -questions like ‘say in one sentence what this concept is expressing’ ▯ -eg. what is hedonism? Happiness (pleasure) is all that matters first, third, fifth assignments, and first draft should all be printed out Topic of the course: what matters? to help with this week’s reading: aesthetic responses, reasons, and consistency aesthetic domain includes ▯ -art; fancy and popular: writing, painting, movies, music etc ▯ -clothing, devices ▯ -not human-made; landscapes, human bodies plain likings ▯ -are not responsive to reasons ▯ ▯ -eg. can’t convince someone to favour vanilla ice cream ▯ -there’s no disputing matters of taste (de gustibus non distputandum est) are aesthetic responses plain likings? people still try to dispute tastes ▯ -you can, eg. associating something with something unpleasant ▯ -eg. those curtains look like pajamas options: 1. we do dispute about taste ▯
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