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University of British Columbia
PHIL 102
Dominic Mc Iver Lopes

notes reactions What is an argument? The logical step between b) and c) a) P and q and r, etc, are facts seems like a large one, there has to b) the best explanations of p, q, r, etc, is T (theory) be more in an argument c) so T is true Nozick’s essay doesn’t quite follow this specific outline two main questions: What is Nozick’s theory of romantic love? What facts does he think his theory is trying to explain? 1. Strategy That’s a lot to think about at the -ask these questions at the same time same time, while reading the essay -use other theories as contrast 2. Feeling and Valuing What kind of attraction is this? other theory of love: What about someone you’ve never A romantically loves B iff A feels an attraction to B met in person, or someone you -this expresses that love is a passionate feeling don’t know that you’re in love with? -however, feelings are fragile and unstable, whereas love is somewhat stable But as your feelings change, who feelings are responsive to the world you loves does as well. If you don’t as situations in the world change, so do feelings feel as strongly about someone as ‘trading up’ you once did, you can hardly love them, at least in the same way as a better theory should explain the relative stability of love in before relation to feelings Where does this theory clarify another theory, David Velleman: infatuation vs. love? A loves B iff A values B for their intrinsic humanity -however, where is the selectivity? love is a special kind of value two types of value: -you can value something by putting a price on it (making it fungible) This theory doesn’t have any ‘love’ -dignity value, it is priceless and you can’t compare its value feelings involved at all, which to that of something else clearly have an influence on love his theory is that people have dignity value both of these theories have a grain of truth but don’t fully explain love notes reactions 3. Two Explananda What about arranged marriage and Fact 1: romantic love develops in a characteristic way learning to love
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