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University of British Columbia
PHIL 102
Dominic Mc Iver Lopes

definition of explananda: fact that needs to be explained theory says what something is theories are tested by counterexamples objection-reply format objections to theories, replies to these objections, help gain insights and refine the theory a philosopher may be seen as ‘flip-flopping’ in an essay, but is really using this format Thesis: death is bad (for the person who dies) ▯ -note- this isn’t a theory of death, but describes one aspect of it ▯ -this is not the same thing as ‘dying is bad’ ▯ -death is bad for the people who are going to miss the person who dies, but ▯ that’s not the issue here ▯ -this is accepted in most religions, or soteriology (death is not everlasting life) argument 1. to be dead is to be not alive 2. a person’s (S’s) being alive is intrinsically good for S 3. so it’s better for S to be alive than not 4. S’s death harms S 5. S’s death is bad for S deductive argument this argument doesn’t bring out what is bad about death Lucretius wrote a 50-page
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