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PHIL 102
Dominic Mc Iver Lopes

S-society, BSS-basic social structure, OP-original position each agent should act to maximize aggregate good P1. each person is to have equal right to the most liberties compatible wih the same for all P2. social and economic innequality must be a. attached to offices under conditions of equal opportunity b. benefit everyone (including least advantaged) (Difference Principle) the maximin argument 1. S is just iff the BSS complies with principles that would be adopted in OP 2. the MP is rational when a)b)c) hold 3. a)b)c) hold in OP 4. so MR is rational in OP 5. the DP is the rational choice in the OP 7. so, P1 and P2 could be adopted in OP 8. so S is just iff its BSS complies with P1 and P2 situation 1: equality -everyone gets the same amount situation 2: inquality -one person is super smart and puts ev
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