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PHIL 102
Dominic Mc Iver Lopes

for final exam: don’t need to know all the objections and details, but broad ideas that determine whether you’ve read the papers 1. Value 2. Game Playing 3. Open Games work is when you do something for its instrumental value in getting other intrinsic things play is when you do something for its own sake, intrinsic value 1. play is an activity valued for its own sake 2. playing a game is... 3. playing games is the highest intrinsically good activity 3.* playing games is the fundamental intrinsically good activity 3.** playing games is the ideal model of intrinsically good activities 3. and 3.* are very strong, 3.** is less strong 3.** is easier to see how it comes at the end of the reading one theory.... what is playing a game? -there’s a goal you’re supposed to achieve and a way you’re supposed to achieve it -there’s rules that help make it what it is -regulative rules help you to play the game well (eg. don’t fall down, you shouldn’t sacrifice your queen in chess..etc) -there’s a specific attitude taken towards the game first pass: to play a game is to seek a goal through inefficient means -eg. golf; the goal is to get the ball in a cup, but instead of the efficient way of picking it up and putting it in the cup, you go through putting it around -lusory goal: a goal that can only be described in
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