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University of British Columbia
PHIL 120
Leslie Burkholder

Notes for Sample Bias/Measuring Validity etc - Generalization can occur by basing the result on sample taken from a study on a significant number of people. - Have to determine: the right size, measure validity and bias in sampling - 'Generalization' is the process of moving from specific observations about some individuals within a group to general claims about the members of the group.’ - Thought: how to identify when it is explicit or implicit? - The process: SAMPLE (some of the population)  GENERALIZATION (the whole population)  Occurs at intermediate conclusion to final conclusion - Tricky qualification? - Clarify the parameter thingy / population parameter value etc - *Slide 86/97 important. Slide 117 about Coke - Tips on slide 125 - Slide 137 about precision and bias - Identifying a gap – the argument is deductively invalid when it is made - Significance of Slide 48 - The possible deduction process: if the claim is about sample is unbiased – there is a possibility that it might go wrong. If the sample claims to be the right size, there is a possibility that this could go wrong. It is
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