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Lecture 2

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PHIL 120
Leslie Burkholder

Re-read Week 2: Chapter 6, Section 1,3 What are the criteria for strong 1) Deductively valid arguments argument? Suspicion: this is the true and - Linking between premises and conclusion is very strong true case - Conclusion is, for sure, going to follow from the premises - Therefore, premises and conclusion should be true/accepted - The only case is that, not all deductively valid arguments are strong arguments Suspicion: this is 2) the true and false Deductively Invalid arguments case - So, whenever the The conclusion doesn’t necessarily follow from the premises conclusion is false; - it is deductively Argument (Conclusion) can be rejected eventhough the premises invalid argument are true 3) Inductively valid argument - Argument in which the premises make the conclusion likely - The links between premises and conclusion are tentative - Could be strong argument - E.g: believe in witness because they have been reliable in the past. But the conclusion that we should trust the witness is not necessarily accepted because the witness could be bribed.
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