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POLI 100 1-3 Key Concepts

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Political Science
POLI 100
Barbara Arneil

Lec. 1-2 What is Politics? Concepts from the Lecture: Politics: (standard definition) ancient/medieval: art of governing, modern: science of governing (post modern definition) construction of and resistance to power in society as a whole ‘Polis’: City-state Plato: SERVING PUBLIC GOOD, BRANCH OF ETHICS Wrote Republic, ART of justice, described how politics ought to be, create justice Just state: Philosophers’ rule, the “good” of the people is paramount, revealed in cave analogy Machiavelli: DIRTY HANDS Wrote The Prince, ART of power, analyze politics as they really are (struggle for power) rather than how they ought to be. Purpose of politics is to ensure the power of the prince and maintain order. “virtu” of the Prince must overcome “fortuna” Modern Age: 17 -20 centuries, includes Enlightenment (17 -18 century), replaced medieval period. Modern society=governed by reasons and laws, traditional societies=governed by custom/religion ASPECTS OF MODERNITY: 1. Individuals paramount (challenge authority) 2. Belief in science (challenge faith) 3. Development of Market (challenge feudalism) 4. Idea of Progress (challenge tradition) Politics is a science, discovering thws through reason and progress Threads of Scientific Method (17 -20 century): 1. Inductive/Empirical: draw conclusions from data vs. 2. Deductive/rational approaches: create models based on deductive principles Ex. Marxist (social scientific) vs Liberal Democratic (behaviorism, pluralism) Early modern politics: social contract between state to ensure security and citizen to protect rights The state vs the citizen: War Measures Act -the modern state (law and order, ensure securi
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