Chapter 6 Lecture Notes

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University of British Columbia
Political Science
POLI 100
Christopher Erickson

CHAPTER 6 LECTURE NOTES Challenges to the Dominant Ideologies Premodernityancientc 1500s Modernityc 1500spresent PREMODERNITYWide range of thinkersGenerally focused on the idea of a cyclical historyUsed the circle as a model o The Wheel of Fortuneo Rota fortunaThe state of things is explained by an appeal to a divine power such as Gods or NatureSocial orders and political power generally understood as divine in origin EARLY MODERNITYBeings with the Renaissance Emergence of SCIENCE and REASON in the role of the divineMachiavelli 14691527 o Displays elements of both modern and premodern in his thinking HistoryHuman history can be told as a unified tale History with a definite beginning middle and end Immanuel Kant Prussian philosopherHegel Marx World History According to HegelDriven by the needs to overcome contradictions like those found in the MasterSlave relationshipUltimate goal is the overcoming of the subjectiveobjective or universalparticular distinction
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