Chapter 7 Lecture Notes

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Political Science
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POLI 100
Christopher Erickson

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CHAPTER 7 LECTURE NOTES Institutions and StatesInstitutions can be understood as regular patterns of behaviour that provide stability and predictability to social lifeThey can be seen as both resources and constraints o They structure the behaviour of individuals but assist those who can navigate their way through themThey are both formal o Courts and bureaucraciesAnd informal o Families classes kinships etcPolitical scientists tend to focus on formal institutions which allow them to advance general propositions about political behaviourFrom this perspective institutions can be seen as defining the rules of the game and deciding who wins and who losesPolitical institutions can also be understood as structures which interact with other factors in shaping political events StructurationAnthony Giddens 1979System o Political systemStructure o Political institutionsSystem and Structure have been understood as conflicting with Agency individual actionStructuration o Range of factors that both constrain and provide resources for change Structure and AgencyStructure o Impact of a particular configuration of institutions o To what extent did the institutions determine the outcome o Predispose a particular outcome o Pathdeterminacy or pathdependenceAgency o Effect of one or more agents
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