Chapter 15 Lecture Notes

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Political Science
POLI 100
Christopher Erickson

CHAPTER 15 LECTURE NOTES Key Theoretical Approaches to IR Liberalism and the rise of IRLiberal ideas as exemplified by the pronouncements of the US president Woodrow Wilson 18561924 played a major role in the foundation of IR as a disciplineSuch ideas which inspired the foundation of the league of nations and later the United Nations Historical FiguresHugo Grotius 15831645 o Emphasized role of natural law in guiding state behaviorsensible forms of relations that ought to guide behavior claims of reasonSamuel Pufendorf 163294 o Argued in favor of universal moral principles which could be applied to the relations between statesImmanuel Kang 17241804 o Perpetual Peace 1795 o Establishes a plan for greater integration of states through trade o War will eventually become too costly to pursue o Forms the basis of what will later become the League of Nations Liberal IdeasTypically liberal theorists have been optimistic about the possibility of peaceful relationsThis derives from a positive view of human natureat least the assumption that humans can learn from their mistakesThus over time human communities can progressPresident Woodrow Wilson a powerful advocate of the liberal principle of national selfdetermination tried to embody such ideas in the League of NationsHowever his initiative was scuppered by the refusal of the US Congress to support him and by the Treaty of Versailles which imposed harsh conditions on defeated Germany RealismAlthough the horrors of WW inspired liberal idealists in their search for a better world in practice the aftermath also provided backing for a less optimistic view of IR
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