Chapter 17 Lecture Notes

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Political Science
POLI 100
Christopher Erickson

CHAPTER 17 LECTURE NOTES SECURITY INSECURITY AND POWER POLITICSTraditional realists believe that the primary concern of IR should be to maintain the sovereign state within an anarchial international system o Anarchy does not preclude a certain degree of order and stabilityAccording to one strand of realist thought selfreliance is the ultimate key to survival for a stateAccording to the realist view the international sphere is characterized by chronic insecurity o Stemmed from idea of Thomas Hobbes o In all times Kings and persons of Sovereign authority because of their Independency are in continual jealousies and in the state and posture of Gladiators having their weapons pointing and their eyes fixed on one another that is their Forts Garrisons and Gus upon the Frontiers of their Kingdoms and continually spies upon their neighbors which is a posture of War Hobbes Leviathan SECURITY MATTERSIn the old distinction between high and low politics security is the realm of high politics Low politics is everything else WAR Traditional Approach to SecurityWAR is the primary focus o Security is primarily a military question o Who is our enemy and how do we fight them o Who is going to be our enemy and how do we prepare for that fightThere is some softening of this position in the recognition that economics should also be considered matters of security MULTIPOLARITY AND BIPOLARITY
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