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Political Science
POLI 101
Gerald Baier

Poli 101 Court government Importance of CentralAgencies PMO PoliticalAdvice (giving advice, what backdrop is for that photo..image) PCO policy advice bureaucratic (policy options what should we do to deal with inflation) institutionalized vs departmentalized Cabinet departmentalized (here all things gov have to do, department deal with thing in charge ministry of defence) (departments them self has staff that stayed in field for a long time) (this is lead to decentralization PM don't care of size of fish caught). PCO can say don't take advice from them. (institutionalized cabinet decide if really need tank, can't rally on others to tell truth) institutionalized bring power back to MP. Access to the Prime Minister CentralAgencies Coordinating Department Line Departments PMO ( Schedule Calender of PM) PCO FINANCE TREASURY BOARD OTHER MINISTRIES Executive Dominance Has the Cabinet become dignified? (ie Monarchy dignified) Prime Ministerial Government (the centre) (cabinet focus group for what pm going to do Control of agenda, appointment and incentives (PM has control has goodies) Prime Ministerial Power Limits (time and energy some many he can decide and have influence over, discretion at departmental level still exists) Popularity – television age Control over party – party discipline (diminish ability to always get what heshe
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