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Lecture 2

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POLI 260Week 2 Key conceptsNOTE THE KISSINGER READINGS WILL NOT BE UPLOADED FOR COPYRIGHT REASONSThis week will be descriptivewe will describe what From next week we will analyze and explain why and howToday international systems over time what are these systemshow have they changed over timeTwo fundamental changes Two levels of org system International relations btw states domestic relations within statesTwo big changesIntl from feudal system to imperial system to interstate systemDomestic From monarchyautocracy to democracy in many placesWhy does change matterinternational system is not static unchanging ndglobalization is not that new 2 half centuryImportant history isChange happens at two levelsBtw units interstate relationsWithin units domestic politics Change happens through learning from pasteg end of empire since decolonization there was no repetition of EMPIREgood thing we are not condmned to repeat the past bad thingSystemTwo key elements Something org to run efficiently carInterconnectedness Parts linked up Wholeness system functions as one eg division of laborImplicationsunintended consequencesMoral hazard eg insurance 50 not really sick 50 likely to be sick how does this system work
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