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Political Science
POLI 260
Allen Sens

Issues in International Security - Learning Objectives: o Critically evaluate concept of security o Understand how the study of international security has evolved o Be familiar with central issues in contemporary international security studies What is security? - Freedom from threats, - Freedom from vulnerability - Condition of being protected from danger Vital questions: Who is being secured? For what? For who? Thinking Critically about Security - The Role of Intent o Security can be ‘divorced’ from intent (eg. Global warming) - “Securitization” o Process by which something becomes a threat; how something becomes a security issue - Security and the Status Quo - Critical Security Studies The Evolution of International Security - Traditional dominance of Realism in international Security Studies and Strategic Studies Security threats/concerns - Intra-state conflict - Structural violence - Food Security/Water Security - Resource Security/Population - Nuclear weapons - Energy security - Espionage(state, corporate) The focus of international security has broadened - State security - Non-State Actors - Global (transnational) Security Issues - Intra-state security Issues - human security issues - Economic Security - Environmental security State Security is still important! - Iraq War - Russia/Georgia - India/Pakistan - Sudan/South Sudan - Ethiopia/Eritrea -
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