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Sept 27 The Feminist Challenge and Gender in Global Politics.docx

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Political Science
POLI 260
Allen Sens

The Feminist Challenge and Gender in Global Politics Learning Objectives - Understand how Feminists describe global politics, and why - Describe ways in which global politics is “gendered” - Explain the impact and relevance of Feminist and gendered concepts in global politics Intellectual Origins - First Wave (legal status of women) o Mary Woolstonecroft, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony - Second Wave (Equality of condition) o Betty Friedan, Cynthia Enloe - Third Wave (identities, post-colonial) o Rebecca Walker, Gayatri Spivak, Angela Davis, Chandra Mohanty, Carol Adams Core Principles - Focus on gender: gender matters o What has been traditionally thought of as “universal” in global politics is in fact gendered, and primarily masculine - Inequality of women o Women have been marginalized in political and economic affairs o Patriarchy (male domination of society) is the problem - Marginalization of women in IR o Masculine interpretations of politics and economics dominate theory and policy o The male experience is taken as the norm - Differences in female experience o Women’s lived experiences are different, whether this is due to biology or socialization - Social relations are gendered o Gender is not a separate category Famous wom
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