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Political Science
POLI 323

POLI323A thJan 9 2014 Economic and Political Legacies of British ColonialismWhat effect did colonialism have on Indias later economic and political development What happened before colonialismIndia before the British came 2500 1700BCE evidence found at places close to the Indus river Indus valley people was pushed to the South when the Arians came as they had advanced technologyththMughal Empire 16 to 18 century the empire before the British camethBaburearly 16 centurySystem of revenue collectionduring the empire Akbar set up a system that was quite modern appointed officials was not passed down to collect taxesAt the end of the empire the officials held power important later onththLate 16early 17 century unified India the most refer back to ASIA100The richness of PreColonial India EconomicsVery wealthy with an abundance of resourcesI have seen no region of the earth in which provisions are so plentifulBengal is richer than Egypt full of resources sugar silk rice crops grain etcCompetition with Egypt with cloth fashionColonial RuleEstablishment of British presence in IndiaInitial exploit trading opportunities1600 East India Company incorporated by the Royal charterCompany set up armies and civil administration 1857 Sepoy Mutiny band of low ranked armies rebelledrevolution against the company led to the end of East India company rile1858 Sepoy Mutiny lead to Direct rule of British Crown Imposed Direct British Rule Vs Princely StatePrincely Rulenot directly ruled by the British administrationgoverning was done by independent rulerParts of India were Princely States13 and parts were direct British RuleWhat effect did the British presence have on Indias later economic developmentPositiveNegativeBuilt Infrastructure roads railwaysDirect extracted resourcesin order to transport raw material to Oriented Indian industry to raw Englandmaterials needed for British home Established Schools Western industry took and moved the Educationcultural imperialism need resources back home for their own to educate the next generation to work economy for the government long term Set up landlordbased zamindari because not enough people from systems of revenueextraction in many Britian to administrate the countryparts used these landlords to extract Administrative Services Indian Civil more resources it was up to the Servicemodel that was adopted by landlord to set the numbersexploit Independent Indiathe peasants and no benefitEvidence How should we go about examining whether colonialism was good or bad for economic development Comparing between a highly colonized area with a low colonized areaLife expectancy employment rate food production productivity in generalCompare landlord areas with nonlandlord areasEvidence Reversal of Fortune Countries that were previously rich are now poor and vice versaReversal created by institutions established by European colonizersRefer to the slide on the ppt
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