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Political Science
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POLI 333
Catherine Ortner

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POLI 328October 7 2013Brazil Porto AlegreCuritibaNational Politics Brazil is part of BRIC Brazial Russia India China which the rest of the world refers to as new industrializing economies was a dictatorship from 1964 to 1985 characterized by clientielist and populist politics country run by people in elite positions who do favors for lesswealthy people that support them and these favors ensure that this support will remain populism means that the system favors charismatic wealthy people growth of trade unions began in the early 1970s and the countrys politics moved away from elitism increased in farming resources and decisionmaking advance of liberation theology society followed ideas of Christian charityforgiveness not in a religious manner labor strike in 1979 began to break down the dictatorshipWorkers Party the workers party was made up of trade unions liberation theologists and communist ideologists party was only really successful at the urban municipal level wanted to end the elitist corruption
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