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PSYC 100 Lecture Notes - Learned Helplessness

Course Code
PSYC 100
Paul Hewitt

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Critical Periods or Sensitive Periods
-language needs to be learned during a specific period of development otherwise
significant difficulties in language usage
-differences in language knowledge become smaller as children grow older, except in
the rare case of those intellectually gifted
-bond between parent/caregiver and infant needs to occur during specific period
Children raised in institutions
-learned helplessness: listless, withdrawn; intellectual, emotional, and social
development are compromised
-these effects are reversible under the right circumstances
-adopting children with an IQ of 50, before their second birthday, grow up to have an IQ
around 100
!-children that aren’t adopted by age two tend to maintain the low IQ
-procedure to asses
!1. mother and child together in room, child plays, mother off in corner
!2. female stranger enters, sits quietly, then talks to mom, attempts to engage
!child in play
!3. mom leaves room: if child not upset, stranger sits quietly, if upset, stranger
!tries to soothe
!4. mother returns
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