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PSYC 101
Michael Souza

Consciousness – Hemispheric Specializations 11/16/2012 11:01:00 AM Differences in processing between left and right hemisphere Cerebral asymmetries and pop culture Left – logic, science, math, analytic thought Right – creativity, intuition, etc. Voluntary motor control  Right side of body control by left side of brain Visual processing  Right visual field – left side of brain, occipital lobe  One side of visual space on opposite side of the brain  Why designed this way? Can’t really explain this Global and local perceptual processing  M made up with Z’s  Left side pays attention to detail (Z)  Right cares about the overall picture (M)  Damage of left side, can’t see z  Damage right side, have all the Z but in a weird order (not M shaped) Control of visual spatial attention  Attention is fundamental – you can’t learn if you don’t pay attention  E.g. neglect, damage right brain, neglect left side Lateralization of language  Right handed and tool use/languages are on left side of brain  Left handers have different orientation of language  When have problems with language, left side problems  Attention, right side has problems Lateralization of hippocampus  Learning verbal information, left side more important  When people damage left side, much more trouble learning verbal information  Right side, visual memory, non-verbal, what things look like Seizure – pattern of uncontrolled brain activity  Part of brain sending uncontrolled signals  Different types and causes o Sometimes people born with it, s
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