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Psychology 101: Lecture 3

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PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

Lecture #3 - September 10/12, 2012 September-10-12 10:54 AM SLIDE #7 • Brain functions slowly decline with advancement of age ○ Largely due to decreases to specific neurotransmitter levels • Forming a hypothesis (a specific idea or thought) about the study SLIDE #8 • Observe people in their true element, when they are most natural ○ Uncontrolled and unable to set guidelines/boundaries • Case study: studying in depth detail of a specific person (other cases may differ) ○ May be limited, unable to generalize about a specific problem • Correlational study: seeing how two or more variables interact with each other SLIDE #9 • Manipulation and control: actual drug or a placebo • Variables: subject, control group, consideration of confounds etc. • Control groups are important when testing different drugs • The more abstract something is the harder it is to define, measure and study it (love etc.) • Create studies that are valid and are targeting a specific idea or response • Consistency Reliability: ways of measuring that are consistent over time • Practice Affects: accounting for the fact that people get better after doing t
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