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Psychology 101: Lecture 2

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PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

Lecture #2 - September 7/10, 2012 September-07-12 10:54 AM SLIDE #2 • Cognitive psychology is the study of the processes of the brain. • Biological psychology is the study of the biology of the mind. ○ Is this model possible in the brain given studies, history etc. SLIDE #3 • Long ago it was thought the heart gave way to the mind. ○ Heart is at the core of the body. ○ Reasonable to hypothesis that the heart was the main control of the body. • Galen learned a lot about the brain with relation to the mind by being a surgeon ○ Found injuries to the front of the head, affected physical actions ○ Injuries in the back affected sensory (hearing, seeing) • Descartes famous for contribution to early neuroscience ○ Rationalized about the function of the brain ○ Went away from experiments and hypothesis ○ Thought there was a connection: foot to spine to brain ○ Faster to go: foot to spine back to foot ○ Brain can put the brakes on a reflex ○ Dualism: brain and the mind are different things  Descartes believed there was some relationship  Thought brain and mind interacted at the pineal gland  Actually only important with sleep functions SLIDE #5 • Thought #1: each part of the brain is the same (undifferentiated mass) ○ True in some species, damaging one part of the brain is not necessarily important for learning • Thought #2: localization of function, different parts of the brain serve different functions ○ Reasoning to make decisions etc. ○ Different parts serve highly, or moderate specializations ○ Franz Gall thought that different parts of the brain were sized specific to strength (phrenology)  Mapped different parts of the brain with correspondence to different specializations SLIDE #6 • Penfield interested in mapping the brain and its functions • Studied seizures, if they did not respond to medication, had the part of their brain that caused seizures removed. ○ Open skull brain surgery was an opportunity to study the brain ○ Penfield inserted a small electrical current through the brain, therefore he activated brain cells ○ Stimulated the back part of the brain and found people saw things that weren't there ○ Activated different feelings, memories and body parts through these electric currents ○ Most famous for finding the part of the brain that deals with movement and touch SLIDE #7 • Neuron jobs is to send information from one cell to the next • A
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