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Lecture 9

Psychology 101: Lecture 9

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University of British Columbia
PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

Lecture #9 - September 24/26, 2012 September-24-12 10:58 AM SLIDE #4 • Central nervous system consists of the spine and the brain ○ Spine is the brains extension into the body • Peripheral nervous system is branches off the central nervous system SLIDE #5 • Autonomic nervous system: fight or flight response ○ Give one's body sufficient resources to deal with something (stress etc.) ○ Cortisol helps metabolize extra resources • Directs resources to help deal with the stressors • Parasympathetic division gets one ready to deal, and then bring the body back to normal SLIDE #6 • Somatic division control voluntary movement ○ The efferent pathway, exists the brain to the rest of the body (brain → spine →body) • Motor neurons control movements, attached to muscle fibers act with acetylcholine ○ Black window venom, botulism, curare SLIDE #7 • Somatosensory division sends signals from the body to the brain (body → spine → brain) • Proprioception:
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