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Lecture 15

Psychology 101: Lecture 15

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PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

Lecture #15 - October 10/12, 2012 October-10-12 11:00 AM SLIDE #3 • Receptors are designed that are sensory appropriate • Transduction: information has been taken from one form into a meaningful neural signal • Perception: interpreting neural signals ○ Recognizing neural signals and appreciating variability SLIDE #5 • Our eyes are tuned to pick up a particular section of the electromagnetic spectrum • Depending on the length of the light wave determines the colour SLIDE #6 • Pupil: opening in the eye that light travels through ○ Can change sizes depending on the environment (light, information etc.) ○ Contracts or relaxes depending on the amount of light or information • Iris: coloured part of the eye, controls the size of the pupil • Lens: when information hits the lens, it is sent to the back of the eye, but backwards ○ Image in the back of the eye is upside down • Retina: captures crisp and visual information • Fovea: allows us to see in higher definition, good detail ○ Everything to the side of what is focused on is not in as good detail • There are areas of the eyes that do not capture information, but with help from the brain, and both eyes, the information can be filled in SLIDE #7 • Farsig
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