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Lecture 17

Psychology 101: Lecture 17

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University of British Columbia
PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

Lecture #16 - October 12/19, 2012 October-12-12 11:09 AM SLIDE #3 • Occipital lobe: all images are upside down and backwards ○ Damage to the occipital lobe leads to partial or full cortical blindness ○ The lens is able to invert the image, flipped vertically ○ Optic chiasm flips the image horizontally • Retinotopic mapping: organizes the visual cortex • Scotomas: a blind spot in one's field of vision SLIDE #4 • Blindsight: being able to see, when one is consciously blind (occipital lobe damaged) ○ Still able to respond to the environment ○ Residual vision despite full cortical blindness SLIDE #5 • Damage to a specific region of the brain can affect the ability to perceive colour ○ Cerebral achromatopsia: cannot process colour because of a brain injury • Cortical processing of colour: activation of area V4 (occipital lobe) SLIDE #6 • Cortical processing of motion: activation of area V5/MT (Akinetopsia in occipital cortex) ○ Cannot perceive motion very well, snapshots SLIDE #7 • Sound is gathering pressure waves that have different frequencies ○ Frequency: pitch (high or low, Hz) ○ Amplitude: loudness (high or low, decibels) ○ Complexity: purity SLIDE #8 • Sounds are funneled through the outer ear, into the auditory canal, then into the eardrum ○ Sounds cause the eardrum to vibrate, and move the ossicles ○ Ossicles movement causes changed to the cochlea SLIDE #9
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