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Lecture 20

Psychology 101: Lecture 20/21

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PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

Lecture #20/21 - October 26/29, 2012 October-26-12 11:01 AM SLIDE #4 • Observation: Watching other people making a mistake, learn from that SLIDE #5 • Classical condition: have an unconditioned stimulus that results in an unconditioned response ○ Associate two or more products with one that creates a response ○ Association are learned unconsciously, unaware of the link SLIDE #7 • Acquisition: learning the association is meaningful • Extinction: the meaning of the association is lost ○ As quickly as the association is learnt, it can be lost • After extinction, learning can still occur, at first spontaneous recover (may be weaker) SLIDE #9 • Phobia: an extreme fear of something, fear can be debilitating ○ Just imagining something happening can create an association and a phobia • Eliminating a phobia by behaviour approach or therapy SLIDE #10 • Significance of fear overtime through learning • Generalization: fear of one thing
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