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University of British Columbia
PSYC 101
Rebecca Todd

A brief history of neuropsychology Friday September 5 2014849 AMEmpedocles of acragas Cardiac hypothesis The heart controlls the mind The brain takes up 25 of the oxygen The connection is actually indirect A healthy heart is needed for a healthy mind for the oxygen GalenBrian hypothesisIndividuals with the brain or the head had problem with languages memory action Its the brain that gives rise to the mind DescartesReflexesSpine damage quadplesaiaThe reflex would look bigger Baking an apple pie exampleReach to grab apple pie without oven mits The reflex is to throw away the pan but sometimes you can hold on to itThe brain can overide the reflexThe brain cannot supress the reflex because there is not connection for the spine damage Touch baby on the upper lipOpen mouth survival reflex It disappears when you grow older If a 50 year old man acts like a 6 month baby it is sure that they have a problem with the frontal part of the brain We do not need the brain for reflexes The brains role is reflexes is to suppress the reflexIt takes time through neural to developALS kills motor neurons Reflex testTouch neuronspinesmovement neuronreflex Rationalism He pursued truth and reasoning it Hollow nerve that sends juices to the brain magic happens in brain and the the juices come back and tell the hand to go back WRONG Reflexes do not need the brain but the brain can participate in the reflex which can suppress the reflex Reflexes are faster DualismMost of us accept that the brain gives rise to the mindDualism says that the brain and the mind are very material separateThe pineal gland its the only structure in the brain that does not exist on both sides It exists right in the middle Descrates argues that the pineal gland is where the soul connects to the mind
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