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Lecture 20

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PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

October 26 th 10/26/2012 9:48:00 AM The basics of learning Associative learning – learning associations between stimulators  Bears are bad, berries are good Stimuli and valences  Valence, how good or bad, do this all the time  Don’t make the same mistake twice Evolutionary significance of learning?  What would we be like if we do not learn from experience Classical Conditioning- neutral stimulus gains significance Operant Conditioning- shaping an individual’s behavior Observational learning- monkey see, monkey do  Do not do the same mistake someone else has made from sight Classical Conditioning- Ivan Pavlov  Digestion and salivation  Nobel prize in medicine (2004) Steps for classical conditioning 1. before conditioning i. food( unconditioned stimulus (US) response on salivation ( unconditioned response (UR)  2. Tuning fork must be neutral stimulus ( no response from dog)  3. During the conditioning o tuning fork ( conditioned stimulus (CS) and then food (unconditioned stimulus (US) then you get the response salivation o after few trials, dog learns that hearing tuning fork is predictive of food 4. After Conditioning- salivation will be the same as food from tuning fork Classical conditioning process  Acquisition, learning from something that is meaningful  If the tuning for does no longer means food, ten the stimulus drops  When the neutral stimulus have no value it is called extinction, it has been lost  Even extinction happened, but still remember and has a response. o Still meaning  Learning occurred after extinction o Spontaneous occur remember o But gets weaker every time Responsiveness to similar stimuli  Generalization and Discrimination  Generalization- respond to similar stimulus the same way o Everything that seems to be rewarding, they will check it out
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