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PSYC 102: Lecture #11

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PSYC 102
David Klonsky

Psychology 102: Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology Lecture #11 - February 12, 2013 Exam Thursday:  50 multiple choice  Bring pencil and ID  Includes all chapters readings and lecture notes up to today Gardner's multiple intelligences:  Verbal skills  Math skills  Spatial skills  Movement skills  Musical skills  Insight about self  Insight about others Robert Sternberg:  Analytical intelligence: assessed by intelligence tests  Creative intelligence: adapting to novel situations, generating novel ideas  Practical intelligence: required for everyday tasks (ex. Street smarts) Emotional Intelligence:  The ability to perceive, understand, and use emotions (Peter Salovey)  Perceive emotion: recognize emotions in faces, music and stories  Understand emotion: predict emotions, how they change and blend  Manage emotion: express emotions in different situations  Use emotion: utilize emotions to adapt or be creative Creativity:  The ability to produce ideas that are both novel and valuable  Correlates somewhat with intelligence Brain Size and Intelligence:  Recent studies indicate correlation of about +.40  Faster brains related to smarter brains (processing speed and intelligence) Assessing Intelligence:  Intelligence tests: assess an individual's mental aptitudes and compare them with others numerical scores  Alfred Binet developed questions to predict children's progress  Lewis Terman developed Stanford-Binet Test o First IQ test o Modern Test of Mental Abilities: Psychology 102: Develo
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