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PSYC 102: Lecture 21

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University of British Columbia
PSYC 102
David Klonsky

Psychology 102: Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology Lecture #21 - April 4, 2013 Final Exam April 11 330 PM OSBO A Desensitization:  Relaxation o Principle: CS (conditional stimulus) becomes paired with relaxation, not anxiety  Prolonged Exposure o Principle: habituation to conditioned stimulus  The promise of virtual reality Contingency Management:  Behaviours are influenced by their consequences  Rewards (ex. Attention, praise or food) o Example: childhood ADHD  Rewards = tokens to be redeemed for desirable items such as candy, TV, trips, etc. Cognitive Therapies:  Change thinking to change feelings o Example: depressed to happy  Assumptions o Events → thought → emotion  Can't directly change the way you feel  Cant always control events  But you can control what you think o Goal  Change false/unhelpful beliefs  Change tendencies to see things negatively  Automatic beliefs are frequently targeted Rational-emotive therapy:  Same premise as cognitive-behavioural therapy but confrontational style Person-Centred Therapy:  Active listening  Non-directive  Non-judgmental  Unconditional positive regard  Empathy Gestalt Therapy:  Getting in touch with oneself  Owning feelings/fantasies  Making client whole o Lots of different aspects of ourselves and go through like and want to acknowledge that we are more than others Psychology 102: Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology o Not only own the parts of oneself that is nice, sometimes you have to accept when you are mean and you have a mean side to oneself Group Therapies:  Marital and family therapy o Couple counselling o Family therapy  Community support groups o Self-help groups o AA, NA others Psychopharmacology:  Study of the effects of drugs on behavi
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