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PSYC 102
Michael Souza

Psychology 102: Intro Dev Soc Pers Clin Psych Name: ________________________________ University of British Columbia SID: ________________________________ Dr. Michael Souza and Anita Hibbert Sample Questions: Midterm Examination 2 Please note: these sample items are designed to give you a sense of the question style. They do not necessarily reflect the exact content or difficultyof the midterm exam. Answers will not be providedbut you may use the discussion board to discuss contentwith other students. 1. Of options A, B, C, and D, which statement is FALSEregarding control over stress? a. Procrastination is an avoidant strategy that can later intensify stress levels b. A perceived lack of control over a stressor can bejust as harmful as a real lack of control c. Individuals with a Type A personality tend to manage stressors better than others d. Humor can be an effective coping mechanism in the short-term e. Options A, B, C, and D are true, not false 2. For stressors that must be dealt with in some fashion, the weakest form of coping is likely: a. Reappraisal d. Repression b. Rational coping e. None of the above c. Exercise 3. In general, the closer in proximity you are to an emotionally-traumatic event: a. The weaker the amygdala is activated d. The greater the amygdala is activated b. The greater the hippocampus is activated e. Noneof the above c. The weaker the hippocampus is activated 4. With respect to control over stressors (choose theTRUE option): a. Procrastination is the act of taking on stressors by directly dealing with them b. Individuals high on hardiness tend to think that they have less control over situations c. An internal locus of control tends to be more favorable than an external locus of control d. People with depression tend to view the control ofstressors the same as non-depressed people e. All of the above are false 5. With respect to depression, we see that (choose theTRUE option): a. Most individuals do not respond positively to medications or therapy b. Some theories posit that it is a result of high levels of glutamate c. Levels of seroton
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