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Psych 102 Class notes 1122013 73100 PM rdJAN 3What is psychology Scientific study of behavior and mental processes Scientific study of how people think cognition feel emotion and act behaviorDescribe Explain Predict ControlDifferent levels of AnalysisDifferent methods basHow do we know what we knowHow do we learn what we dont know Human Reasoning Some examples where reasoning often goes wrongTherapy outcome 1 Suzy has anxiety Scores 810 on an anxiety test precipitates in 8 weeks of anxiety reduction mental reprogramming sores a 410 on an anxiety testDid the therapy work We cant know what causes what without carefully controlled studies We cant trust testimonials from peopleeven honest people even from our friend and family even if they mean wellStressful Live Events and DepressionSevere Punishment and Childhood Aggression correlation thJAN 8Critically ThinkingOrder in Random Events Given random data we look for order and meaningful eventsConfirmation Bias The mother of all biases we attend to what we agree with and ignore what we dontExample o Study on attitudes towards capital punishment o Study on psychiatrists making diagnosesWhat About Smart PeoplePeople consisted wisePeople who has PHDS or other advanced degrees Can we trust them Not 100 icing the kicker 457637 717without 152211 72 CANT RELY ON TESTOMNIES Phrenology Exampleno relationship between shape and bump of the skullSummary So FarWhen it comes to knowing truth o We cant trust our own personal experience o Cant trust smart people o We cant trust the opinions of our friends relatives and loved onesScientific MethodOur best protection against sloppy thinking and human reasoningHallmarks of Scientific MethodObjective observation and logically necessary conclusionso Observe o You dont go beyond what is necessary to conclude o Parents who have more severe punishment cause children to be more aggressivethis is beyond logically necessary Parsimonious explanationso Most efficient explanation is the right one o Example explanation of why we are al here is because we registered for this classo Another explanation we woke up with some thoughts we must come to this room when we arent even registered in this classo But we stick to the explanation that is simplerthe more parsimonious Independent replication
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