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Lecture 3

PSYC 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Speciation, Wisdom Tooth, Fallacy

3 Pages
Fall 2018

Course Code
PSYC 102

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PSY C102 002 Lecture 3Sept 132018 w/ -with
...continuation from Lecture 2...
Experimental Design
. establishes cause teffect situations
. randomly assigns subjects to differentiations aobserve
the outqr Cindependent variable )
(dependent variable )
Independent Dependent
Variable variable
g. Igig
expeginnenptae \
pool of £¥¥violent Observed
' '
Sample "
video-game Violent
control behaviour ?
subject group -
Nun -violent
interaction -see how athird variable like Menus .Women
interact in
Men women
their groups violent Game E
Non -Violent game yet !f. interact
* could find women 's anger is decreased
even after the violent game in comparison
to men .
Developmental Psychology -when ?
Personality Psychology -
Neuropsychology -where ?
Evolutionary Psychology -Why ?

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PSY C 102 002 Lecture 3 132018 w with Sept .. therefore People Terms ... continuation from Lecture 2 ... ExperimentalDesign . establishecauset effectsituations Had? . randomly assignssubjects differentiationsa observe the Cindependentria)le outqr (dependentari)ble Independent Dependent variable I II Variable I g. gig pool of xginnenptae violent Observed Sample videogame Violent subject control behaviour group un violent videogame interactiosee how a thirdvariableike Menus Women, interact theigroups Men women violeGame E interact ye! f. Non Violegame *couldfind womensanger isdecreased evenafterthe violent incomparison game to men Developmental Psychology when ? Personality Psychology ? where ? Neuropsychology Evolutionary Psychology ? Why
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