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Lecture 1

PSYC 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Penology, Authoritarianism, Eugenics

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Fall 2018

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PSYC 102

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1054Gt 06 09 18
Germany was considered the "intellectual "
country ,1879
-Natur Wissenschaften :nature ,knowledge ,to make
}the two sides
-Geistes Wissenschaften :spirit ,knowledge ,
to make of penology
(philosophy tmedicine )
.first American PhD in Psy c
.founded APA
WIL HEM WUNDT 1832 -1910 .
physician ,started first psychology lab tsaw psych as ascience
-branched into medicine aphilosophy
WILLIAM JAMES 1842 -1910 .
.opened ' ' demonstration lab "
.founded Functionalism
-Functionalism :theory about the nature of mental States
-primary tool of introspection (thinking about thinking)
experiments w/ dogs
.stimulus -
CHARLES DARWIN 1809 -1882 .
"CO -founded theory of evolution
-genetic mutations ,natural selection etc .

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SUB HEADING TERMS THEORIES PEOPLE LECTURE I 06 09 18 Hhlin 1054Gt afo ftontgf DD M M Y Y " " Germany was considered the intellectual 1879 country , - Natur Wissenschaften : nature , knowledge , to make two sides - Geistes Wissenschaften : spirit , knowledge , to make }the of penology ( t medicine ) philosophy GRANVILLE STANLEY HALL . . first American PhD in c Psy . founded APA WIL HEM WUNDT 1832 - 1910 . lab t science physician , started first psychology saw psych as a - branched into medicine a philosophy - WILLIAM JAMES 1842 1910 . . ' demonstration lab " opened . founded Functionalism - Functionalism : about the nature of mental States theory - primary tool of introspection (thinking about thinking ) IVAN PAVLOV . experiments w/ dogs - . stimulus -response - CHARLES DARWIN 1809 1882 . "CO - founded of evolution theory - mutations natural selection etc . genetic , 1822 - 1911 FRANCIS GALTON . human mutations Adaptive . supported Darwin - . coined Eugenics ( well born ) BEHAVIOUR IS M Behaviour ism : behaviours of humans t animals assumes all behaviours understanding , are reflexes produced by stimuli or a of personal consequence history . a uses animal research observation . eliminated subjectivity
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