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PSYC 207
Michael De Souza

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UBC Psych 207 Text Chpt 3 Notes - Human brain composed of more than 100 billion neurons - Each neuron receives as many as 15000 connections from other cells - Neurons in the brain are organized in groups and layers called nuclei - ^ is dorsal/superior - v(down) is ventral/inferior - in front is rostral - behind is caudal - Structures that lie on the same side are Ipsilateral - opposite sides are Contralateral - If one of them lies in each hemisphere, structures are Bilateral - Structures that are close are Proximal - Far from each other are Distal - any movement towards a brain structure is Afferent - movement away is Efferent - precentral gyrus “motor strip” - primary motor cortex - NERVOUS SYSTEM - CNS - Brain - Spinal Cord - Somatic Nervous System - Cranial Nerves - Spinal Nerves - Autonomic Nervous System - Sympathetic Division - Parasympath
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