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PSYC 208 October 10 2012 Agenda Wed. Oct 24 Review session in Kenny building Causes of Pathology - No clear divide between physical pathology and psychopathology What do we think some possible functions of the sun? All pathology has a genetic basis - Combination of genes operating within an environment - Pathology tends to decrease fitness (less able to reproduce or survive long enough to reproduce) - Why hasn’t natural selection removed these? Medicine and social sciences focus on proximate explanations of disease - But there’s also ultimate explanations of psychopathology - Evolutionary biology is not taught in medical school - Takes too much time away from other subjects Teleology: weakness in explaining the past from the future. (We shouldn’t talk about the function of the sun in terms of our lives or the Earth, because we didn’t exist when the sun was formed) Evolution: Explaining the future from the past (not an error). - Medicine tends to focus on neither of this Causes of Pathology - Infections - Defenses - Diseases of civilization - Genetic quirks - Design compromises - Evolutionary legacies Bacteria and viruses (pathogen-host coevolution) - Major cause of death was bacterial and viral infection - Viruses is just a string of genetic codes (can manipulate our genetic code) - Bacteria is another living organism (live outside ourselves) In 1925, a miracle occurred with the discovery of antibiotics (Specifically penicillin that comes from a mushroom) - Exists in moulds because it’s the mould/mushroom’s defense against bacteria) Warfare: many soldiers are just injured, but not killed, in combat. They would die anyway because of infections (Especially staph infections) PSYC 208 October 10 2012 - Many WWI soldiers died from infection (because there were no antibiotics) - Most WWII soldiers who were just injured survived because of antibiotics Rates of infectious disease quickly began to decrease But now, the bacteria’s starting to develop defenses against antibiotics This is evolution in natural selection This is a big problem today because of overuse in hospitals and factory farming -> has led to an increase in infection rates (faster evolution) - Factory farming: bringing a whole bunch of animals together to exploit them for meat or eggs, or dairy - Thousands of animals within the same region - if one of them gets an infection, they’re all at risk for infection - They preemptively give them antibiotics just in case one of them gets an infection ▯ - 40% of the use of the antibiotics in
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