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Lecture 31

PSYC 217 Lecture 31: PSYC – APRIL 3 1

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University of British Columbia
PSYC 217
Benjamin Cheung

PSYC – APRIL 3 TREATMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER II By the end of today’s class you should be able to: • Describe cognitive behavioural therapy and contrast it with other major types of therapy • List and explain the differences between various types of non-pharmaceutical treatment for depression • List and describe the differences between the 4 major classes of anti-depressant drugs • Discuss the efficacy and risks of both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment of depression COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapies use varied combinations of verbal interventions and behaviour modification techniques to help change maladaptive patterns of thinking. • CBT therapists help clients become more aware of the thought, emotion, and behaviour patterns that arise in their current lives • Clients learn to identify their habitual dysfunctional tendencies, and then work on building more functional cognitive and behavioural habits • Thinking influences our mood and behaviours • Not focused on people’s past, more of what is happening now • Less interaction with the therapist and clients • Lots of tracking, worksheets, programs Cognitive component  Clients are given exercises and strategies to build more functional cognitive habits.  Cognitive Restructuring involves learning to: o Challenge negative thought patterns  “ If I fail, it’s going to be a total disaster.” o Question self-defeating beliefs  “ I can’t do anything right,” “ I have nothing worth-while to say,”
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