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University of British Columbia
PSYC 302
Kiley J Hamlin

psyc 302 social development ATTACHMENT THE DEVELOPMENT OF ATTACHMENT get positive feelings from social interactions before 6 mos babies are agnostic to who they are smiling at after 6 mos its not just the person who responds to the baby, but it is a specific individual who the baby prefers 10-12 mos strong evidence for attachment; stranger anxiety at 7 mo's but separation anxiety at 10 mos HOW DOESATTACHMENT HAPPEN? FREUDS PERSONALITY STRUCTURES ID-pleasure center; persuing pleasure at all times; all you want is to feel good EGO- stands for reason and good sense; has the ID interacting in the real world; learns to satisfy their desires in social context FREUD: PSYCHOSEXUAL DEVELOPMENT everything is about feeling good and minimizing things that make us feel bad FREUDS STAGESAND THEIR ISSUES oral stage: all they care about is nursing. Oral fixation when given too much food or given too little food anal stage: pleasure derived from begining to control your bodily functions. Potty training and you feel good when you releive yourself.Asked to potty train too early or too late and you get fixation-ana retentive (needing to control everything) THE GOODAND THE BAD Freud; the first to bring up that a child not just taking in input, but that they also interpret it LEARNING THEORYAPPROACHES behaviourist theory: we are associations; world provides us with feedback which causes us to grow mind is a black box; there is only cause and effect if everything is about when and whether the childs needs are met, then everything falls on the parents shoulders CRITICISMS OF LEARNING THEORY no child thinking in this
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