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PSYC 302
Kiley J Hamlin

Psyc 302 - PREPAREDNESS AND EMOTIONS phobias - one trial learning PREPARED LEARNING IN INFANCY? by 7 mo's, if you play a sound of fear, they look at the snake movie COMPLEX EMOTIONS self conscious emotions- they are only present when you have a sense of self SENSE OF SELF mirror rouge task: red dot on the nose; do babies touch their own nose or the baby in the mirror? this shows that you know what you look like and doesnt necessarily mean you have a sense of self shopping cart task: shopping cart with a rug attached that the baby stands on; if the baby has a sense of self then they realize they are the one inhibiting the cart from moving and will step off the mat or roll it up in order to move the cart EARLIER SENSE OF SELF? mobile study; move leg and the mobile shakes=you know your own action has an effect on the mobile infants more likely to look at the new individual opposed to themselves if you make a video of the child with the rouge on their nose; the baby should still touch their nose and they dont until age 4 DEVELOPMENT OF THE SELF-CONSCIOUS EMOTIONS you notice other people are looking at you and you feel self conscious (exposure embarrassment), you notice someone else has something more than you (envy) EMBARRASSMENT IN THE FIRSTYEAR? the coy smile AFUNCTIONALACCOUNT? potentially this is a submissive pose to show that they are non-threatening; "charm and disarm" study: baby would sit in a chair on the table; persons instruction were to make the baby smile; then person went back to blindly code video for coy smile JEALOUSY IN THE FIRSTYEAR? SELF CONSCIOUS EVALUATIVE EMOTIONS IN THE FIRST YEAR DEVELOPMENTAL CHANGES IN EMOTION REGULATION emotion regulation= you can change or ignore or hide how you are feeling babies stink at emotion regulation if the environment gets crazy infants sleep in order to avoid aversive things if something makes them upset they look away after 6 mos th
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