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PSYC 302
Kiley J Hamlin

psyc 302 social cognition: FACES IN INFANCY NEWBORN FACE PERCEPTION WHY DO NEWBORNS PREFER FACES? we have an area in the fusiform area which is active when we look at faces than when we look at other stuff born with an innate representation of what a face is; they cite neonatal imitation; from birth when they have never seen their own face but they already imitate specific facial gestures; they do this with tongue pertrusion, mouth opening and closing, and lip pertrusion (making kissy faces); there must be something about faces which makes a newborn babies brain imitate it neonatal imitation also shown in other primates USHAPED CURVE BETWEEN 0AND 3 MO'S around a month their preference for faces goes away and then comes back as 3 mo's newborns look at the areas of high contrast and 3 mo olds look adult like (look @ eyes, mouth, eyes, mouth, etc) SO WHAT'S CHANGING? the brain becomes more specialized with more experience and input faces stimulate the right side of the brain--it is lateralized to the right; before 4 mo's it is bilateral though EEG: there is a rhythm which goes out of sync when it sees faces; there is a group of firing neurons which become out of sync when you see faces; before 6 mo it happenes for human and monkey faces, but not after 6 mo's RECOGNITION OF SPECIFIC FACES? at first newborns need internal and eternal info to recognize mom RECOGNIZING OTHER FACES? HOWARE THEY RECOGNIZING FACES? configural (how things are configued into a whole) features (individual pieces of a face) if you arent getting face input in your left eye you aren't a great face processor the FFAneeds face input to develop in the right side; if you dont get into to the left eye then you wont have the experience needed to becoe a good face processor b/c your FFA wont develop normally RECOGNIZE THEIR OWN FACE? 4-5 mo's they have some sense of self; they look at images of themself or another baby moving and look longer at the other baby OTHER DEVELOPMENTAL CHANGES IN FACE PERCEPTION we are not as good at face perception when the face is upside down babies are already not good at upside down faces at 3 mo's PERCEPTUAL NARROWING THE OTHER RACE EFFECT every race is better at discriminating faces of their own race AN EMERGING PREFERENCE FOR OWN RACE EFFECT @ birth babies show no preference for one race by 3 mo's babies prefer faces of their own race BASED ON EXPERIENCE babies in the very experienced condition dont show the other race effect (black babies who see white people as well as black people are better at discriminating between black and white faces) RECOGNITION
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