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Lecture 13

PSYC 305 Lecture 13: Lecture 13

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PSYC 305
David King

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Some degree of lack of clarity about who you are still generally maladaptive according to cultural context Multiple selves Degree of differentiation about selfconcept Selfesteem Evaluative component of the self Evaluations of selfconcept Evaluation of oneself as a physical, psychological, social, or moral being Affective component Feel good or bad about self, or some characteristic Cognitive component A thought of yourself as positive or negative What you did or what you will do is successful Global As a whole Specific Specific trait, roles Measured implicitly or explicitly Look at sub or unconscious of self wo knowing what its being testes Look at signature Association of positive or negative words with initial Standard selfesteem report 6 myths of selfesteem Correlates with everything positive More accurate with look at selfreport Not necessary how others perceive so Promotes success in school Bidirectional Promotes success at work Bidirectional Makes you more likeable Believe so but not necessary rated so Low se put you at greater risk of substance abuse, premature sexual activity, higher chances of disorder High se corralate with risker behaviours and more likely to take chances because CONFIDENCE Low se leads to bullying and aggression Bully grows up to be psychological healthy and lower rates of depression + anxiety
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